Promote the Love for Reading in your Children

Written By Crystal Gates

July 3, 2023

As a Christian Bookstore, we understand the importance of cultivating a reading culture in young minds. That is why we took a step towards this goal by dedicating a special shelf for Children’s Books, Games and Bibles, specifically Christian literature. Our collection ranges from Comics, Activity Books, Colouring Books, Puzzles, Games to Bible Stories and not leaving out the Bible itself. In this blog post, we encourage you to promote the love for reading in your children for their development and how our Children’s Shelf contributes to their growth.

Reading is one of the most important skills to learn in life. But how do you get your children interested in reading? The best way to promote the love for reading in your children is to read with them. It is important that you make reading a part of your daily routine and not just something you do occasionally. One of the most effective ways to encourage children to read is to select books that are based on their interests. This can be challenging if you do not know what they like, but it is worth the effort. Not only will you be nurturing a lifelong love of reading, but you will be helping them develop their imagination, empathy, and intellect.

Here are 6 tips to help you promote the love for reading in your children:

1. Read to them every day.

There is nothing like the sound of your own voice reading a book aloud, especially if they are still little enough that they cannot read yet! Reading together is a great way to bond and spend time together. It is also a wonderful way to introduce new vocabulary words and for them to learn how stories go. And do not worry about reading the same story over and over again. Even though their favourite book may be “Rahab – A Woman of Faith”, they do not get tired of hearing it from you each and every night before bedtime!

Reading aloud will help build their vocabulary and give them exposure to different types of books, even if they do not understand everything yet. It also helps develop their listening skills, which are important for learning how to read themselves someday! You can use this time to answer questions about what is happening in the story or ask them what they think might happen next.

2. Let them pick their own book! If you get one that they do not like, do not force it on them!

Letting your child pick out their own book can help them develop an appreciation for reading. Letting them pick out books that interest them will make it more likely that they will want to read more often — and maybe even want to share those books with other people!

Find something else that interests them and maybe even give them a choice between two books at bedtime (if they are not too tired). Or maybe try asking them what type of book they want – do they want an adventure story or a funny one? Whatever it is, let them choose so that they feel like it was THEIR idea to start reading it!

3. Give them time to look at the pictures and enjoy their book!

When children are young, they need time with books that has nothing to do with actually reading — just looking at pictures, turning pages, etc. This is important because it helps develop language skills and build. If your child is still learning how to read, encourage them by asking questions about what they see in each picture and allowing them time to look at what is happening on each page before turning it over so they can continue reading with you!

4. Find out what they like and share it with them (like comics or Bible Character stories)

They may not be interested in what you like yet, but if you share what interests them, it will show them how important it is for everyone in the family to read! As a parent, it is important to encourage them to explore their interests and one way to do this is by finding out what they like and sharing it with them, such as reading Comics or Bible Character stories together. Bring them to Crystal Gates so they can explore on their own and you can make good suggestions for them!

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5. Choose books that are age-appropriate and interesting for your child.

It is essential to choose books that are age-appropriate and interesting for your child. This will ensure that they are engaged and have a positive reading experience. When selecting age-appropriate books for children, it is important to take their reading level and maturity into consideration. You can ask your child’s teachers or Crystal Gates’ Personnel for book recommendations that are within your child’s abilities.

6. Model reading by doing it yourself!

Reading is a lifelong skill that can be shared throughout your life together with your children as you grow up together in Christ! One of the best ways to encourage your child to read is to model reading by doing it yourself. When children see their parent or caregiver reading, they understand that it is an enjoyable and worthwhile activity. Schedule some reading time for yourself, where your child can see what you are reading. You can even discuss the books and its characters with your child.


The love for reading is a gift that you can give your child. It is something that you can do every day with them. You should read to them every day and encourage them to read on their own as soon as possible even if it is something short like a book from the Bible or a comic book! Make sure there are books in the house for them to choose from and some good places to read. Let your child see you reading whenever possible. It shows him or her that reading is important and will help create an interest in books for him or her as well. Children are curious about the world around them and want to learn new things, therefore reading is an important way for them to increase their vocabulary, improve their communication skills, understand the Word of God and the world around them and they will learn best by interacting with you while you read to and with them.

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