Deliver Yourself An Autobiography of Timothy Matangi


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By the tender age of six years, Timothy Matangi was taking care of his father's herd of cattle in the mountains of the rural Chipinge District of south-eastern Rhodesia. To him adulthood came early and by 11 he had become one of the child labourers who picked tea on the vast estates of Chipinge in exchange for an education.

By 17 he was formally employed as a gardener. Then he became a bookkeeper on the tea estates at a time when the war to liberate Zimbabwe from colonial rule was raging throughout the eastern districts of the country.

Arrested and prosecuted, Timothy was sentenced to a term as a political prisoner at the age of 21. While in prison he completed his studies by correspondence and had qualified as an accountant when he was released.

Through hard work and sheer determination he rose through the ranks to become chief accountant of various companies before his appointment as CEO of a big company in Harare. By the age of 35 he had retired. He established his own group of mining companies, exporting to many African countries as well as to China, Australia, France, Brazil and a host of other international markets.

Fluent in Shona, English, French, Mandarin and Zulu, Timothy is a qualified pilot, owning and flying his own aircrafts. Deliver Yourself is the story of his unstoppable enterprise.


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