Business as Mission – Michael R. Baer


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Business as Mission - Michael R. Baer

We are living in the Business Age. The historic role of nation states rapidly being replaced by the corporation. Like never before, Christian business leaders have the chance to play a pivotal role in transforming society and spreading the gospel. But seizing this opportunity requires thinking differently about God, about his kingdom, about hi purposes in the world, and about business.

While some Christian professionals dream of being “freed from business” to go into the ministry or see business as enemy territory to be invaded for Christ, others are convinced that Christian principles simply don’t work in the “real world.” In Business as Mission, Michael Baer challenges each of these positions. He rejects the unbiblical thinking that ministry and business are by definition separate activities – that our lives can be compartmentalized into the sacred and secular. Instead he guides business leaders in developing the vital characteristics of a kingdom business – the kind of business that will free them to live fully integrated lives and lead organisations that significantly impact the world.

“Mike Baer explodes the myth that ministry is sacred and business is secular. His own pilgrimage from pastor to businessman to international empowerer of the church is a great example of what can happen when we realise that business and ministry can and should be the same thing.”

Durwood Snead, Director of World Missions, North Point Community Church, Atlanta

“Business as Mission is well outlined, concisely written, and easy to read. Mike Baer’s dual background as pastor and businessman is well suited to writing this volume that is biblically sound, missiologically strategic, and accurate in elucidating the characteristics of kingdom business. I highly recommend this book.”

Tetsunao Yamahori, International Director, Lausanne Committee on World Evangelism

“While many Christians have gone into business with a sense that they should minimize their commitment to their career so they can devote their energies to ministry, or a sense of despair that they weren’t able to go into the ministry, this book holds the antidote to mistaken views.”

John H. Warton Jr., President, Business Professional Network


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