Falling Asleep in the lap of Delilah – Phillip E. Morrison


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Falling Asleep in the Lap of Delilah - Philip E. Morrison

It is never too late to start the process of finishing well.

Falling Asleep in the Lap of Delilah is a treasure trove of wisdom on finishing the race of life well. Facing the final stages of life, career, or ministry can be daunting and instill deep fear – a fear that can cause even the most devout Christian leader to make poor choices, compromise their faith, and damage their legacy.

But as Dr. Morrison shows, it’s never too late to start finishing well. Morrison’s thoughtful insights and powerful meditations on the life of Samson, Israel’s notorious strong-man judge, and just how he ended up falling asleep I Delilah’s lap, can guide you in preserving your relationship with God and with others, enabling you to finish your race to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

About the Author

Dr. Philip E. Morrison served as pastor for fourteen years in the U.S. before coming to Kenya as a missionary in 1991. He earned his Doctorate of Ministry from Africa International University and has served at Moffat College of Bible, Rift Valley Academy, the Multi-Church Pastor Institute, and as Africa Inland Mission’s Theological Education Consultant. His main interests are church leadership development and child safety protection.


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