Discover Your Divine Purpose – Margaret Mutandwa


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Discover Your Divine Purpose: Your Divine Pathway by Margaret Mutandwa

A divine pathway recoups the neglected youths suffering from broken hearts, the victimized parents, and all those who are vulnerable to abuse despite their age. Ironically, without judging, everybody is biblically guiltless. Regrettably, conspiracy and disorderly pressure from community is tarnishing lives of the young generation. Some children are victims of decisions made by parents and it has affected their lives though with some it is by own choice and peer pressure from bully friends. The devil is also gravely flirting with teenagers corrupting their mindset through social media especially internet. Teenage pregnancy, drugs, magazines and bullying the innocent is the devil?s work because teenagers of today are the witnesses of coming of Christ. Knife and gun gangs are roaming the world streets at an unprecedented rate and fear of muggers is tormenting and crippling the society 24/7. Some single parents blame their status because of the behaviour of their children. Some couples are also failing to control their teenage children.

As a result, the Victorian times of high opinion of elders is now regarded as a thing of the ancient. Parents are neglecting their children because of parenting ineffectiveness and at times out of fear. Presumably, lacking of common ground with teenage children is a grey area impediment. As a parent, I urge all parents by the love of Christ to amalgamate and save the young generation from the spineless world for today is their tomorrow. Truthfully, only the incorruptible Spirit of God can regenerate the bruised inner being of the deprived teenagers that is if their passion is Christ-like. The same Spirit moulds parents to be real models to youths. Every day is a learning curve. No one is perfect and learning does not end. Parents should not blame themselves or the children for bad behaviour though there is always a cause. They should leave no stone unturned and find the root cause first.


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