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Masters of the Economy - The Torah, The Church, The Marketplace - Tich Tanyanyiwa

While many seek to get a Masters degree program in various fields few ever get to master their finances sufficiently to be called Masters of the economy. Dr. Tich Tanyanyiwa seeks to demystify the concept of financial freedom by presenting biblical truths in a simple yet profound and user-friendly way that one can use in their daily lives. Having gone on a journey from lack and debt to freedom and increase, Tich Tanyanyiwa has helped many people make the shift.

Joseph became a ruler of the wealth of Egypt and out of this came the title of the book Masters of the Economy. This is a study of the Torah and the writtings of the Jews with the intent of showing how God encoded a message that was designed to bring financial blessing to the nations in the Bible. The most popular book in the world has been ignored by many simply because they do not see the value of the truths hidden in the Word of God. Deuteronomy says, "the things that are hidden belong to God and the things that are revealed belong to the sons of men." God has revealed His plan so we may take it and make use of it.

Lear how to connect what you call the Old Testament and the New and see the wisdom of God that will make you a "Master of the Economy"


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