Choices & Consequences – Dr Zwangendaba Mutsemi


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Choices & Consequences - Dr Zwangendaba Mutsemi

In this thought provoking and inspiring book, Dr. Mutsemi deftly dissects and exposes the invariable dynamic of choices and their consequences. Drawing timeless nuggets of wisdom from the Bible and distinguished leaders of our time he takes the reader on a journey of enlightenment, showcasing the importance of precise decision making at every turn, juncture and intersection of life.

Dr Mutsemi also serves the reader a generous helping of humorous life stories and colourful anecdotes that further illustrate the consequences that befall us when we make choices...good or bad.

This is a 'must have' book! As you turn each page, you will be inspired, uplifeted, moved and challenged to make better choices in your life.

About the Author

Dr Zwangendaba M. Mutsemi is a dynamic teacher, mentor and author with over 20 years  of impacting global ministry. He is the president of Conerstone Fellowship International, a multifaceted church planting ministry, whose tentacles extend from Southern Africa to Europe and North America. Dr Mutsemi is a widely sought after speaker, who travels extensively each year, as he trains and capacitates leaders in various sectors. He also sits on several boards of renowned international para-church and commercial organisations. He is a clinician with more than 15 years experience in Family Medicine and runs a private clinic in Mutare, Zimbabwe, where he lives with his wife, Takaruda, and their 3 children.


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