The King’s Dream for His Daughter – Tafadzwa Mazibuko


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A woman who knows her worth and her source of power is a mountain mover. Do you wish to live the King's dream? Be inspired by The King's Dream for His Daughter!

This book gives a deeper and fuller understanding that the King has a dream for each of us. It is honest and inspirational; about real challenges women are encountering. It is clear that God will use this book to help women discover His purpose for them, get healing from all kinds of abuse, rejection, and limiting beliefs of being not good enough. It will teach women how to trust God, find peace and hope; and live the King's dream in the midst of struggles. Pastor Annah Mmotlana; President of the group, "Wise Women in Prayer."

About the Author

Tafadzwa Mazibuko is the Founder of Tafadzwa Mazibuko and Associates. She is the author of "The dream that was worth fighting for!" "The Dream" and Dreamer's Daily Planner. She is passionate about seeing women live the King's dream.


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