The Personal Finance Game Plan – Shalom Govero


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The Personal Finance Game Plan - Shalom Govero

Money principles are the same everywhere but contextual realities can make them seem irrelevant. The Personal Finance Game Plan takes universal financial principles and grounds them in personal experience, perfect for young people starting their financial journeys. You will learn:
-How to align personal goals with money management tools
-How to identify limiting societal beliefs that can hinder you from achieving financial success
-How to make the most of your existing financial resources, networks, and skills to create wealth
-How to navigate money conversations with close friends and family, complete with conversation starters to increase your confidence

This book is written as a guide so you will find tools and templates that will help you to practically apply the recommended financial principles.

About the Author

Shalom Govero is a Financial Education Trainer, trained by the International Labour Organisation. Over 5000 participants have enganged with her training on various platforms in Zimbabwe and the region. She is also trained e-facilitator, a co-host for a local radio money show, and a coach for various business women networks. She is a member of the Global Shapers Harare Hub leading the Financial Literacy Team. Her articles have been featured in publications such as The Sunday Mail, Bulawayo24, and the ILO Social Finance Page. Shalom is also a business entrepreneur, running several family businesses.


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