Awaken Your Greatness Ignatius Samukange


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Awaken Your Greatness Ignatius Samukange
Greatness is what we all want in life as it allows us to achieve wealth, happiness and amongst other things peace of mind. However we seldom experience full greatness, we live life thinking greatness is for the other person, yet still we already have greatness in us that can only be activated by an awakening.
This book will help you find an awakening to your greatness and make you limitless.
About the Author
Ignatius Samukange holds a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Africa University. At the time of publishing "Awaken Your Greatness," he was studying for an Oxford Brookes University Bachelor of Sciences in Applied Accounting Degree and a qualification to become a Certfied Chartered Accountant member of the Association of  Certfied Chartered Accountants (ACCA) (UK). Ignatius is an Entrepreneur who has made his losses and profits in businesses such as fashion, poultry, market gardening, grocery retail, food catering and packaging. He has taken part in various leadership positions from representative councils to entrepreneural organisations.


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