Essential Leadership Lessons – Dr. Richard J. Gehman


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Essential Leadership Lessons – Richard J. Gehman

Every leader desires to be successful. 

Success can only be truly measured by God’s Word and is only possible when you play by God’s rules. Effective Christian leadership requires both character and competence. Most leaders don’t fail because of incompetence but because of lack of character. Learn from the practical experience of more than 175 Christian leaders in Africa who have both the Christian character and competent skill set necessary to lead well.

Join Dr Gehman as he draws from his extensive knowledge, experience, and access to Christian leaders in Africa to bring you 34 Essential Leadership Lessons covering the topics of leadership essentials, humility, love, holiness, attributes, management skills, and common issues.

While the context and application of these leadership lessons were created with the people of Africa in mind, the principles of Christian leadership are the same everywhere, for everyone, on all continents. If you fit in one of these categories, you are sure to benefit from Essential Leadership Lessons:

  • Pastor, elder, lay leader.
  • Overseer; head of church district, region, or department.
  • Bishop of a diocese or denomination.
  • Teacher or principal.
  • Leader in a para-church organisation.
  • Parent

About the Author

Dr Richard J. Gehman served in Kenya with the AFRICA Inland Church for thirty-six years as a missionary of the Africa Inland Mission. For most of those years, he trained church leaders at Scott Theological College. In 2002 he and his wife, Florence, retired in Central Florida, U.S.A. They have two children and nine grandchildren.


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