31 Secrets to a Failproof Marriage – Rhoda Mafukidze


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About the Book

In a world bleeding from disintegrated families because of the inability of once in-love couples turned enemies so as to patch things up, all hope seemed lost on having solid families.

In Zimbabwe alone, divorce rates are at an annual spike of over 10% these past three years. It is against this background that Pastor Mafukidze, who is celebrating more than three decades of marriage decided to share her authentic "swear by tips". 31 Secrets to a Failproof Marriage is endowed with practical tips which encourage the partnership of human efforts with divine interaction as the best recipe for success in marriage. Till death do us apart is not just a mythology but a huge responsibility. Here is a toast to marital bliss.

About the Author

With close to two decades as a theologian, Rhoda Mafukidze provides a new voice on the literary scene with inspiration from her own marriage life discussing the practicalities of what has and has not worked in their matrimonial union. A holder of various qualifications: MSc in Strategic Management and various Diplomas in Nursing and Theology, her experience brings a breath of fresh air. As an avid reader, writing a book has indirectly been on her bucket list and eventually with 31 Secrets to a Failproof Marriage it became a reality. She is a mother and grandmother to 5 daughters, 4 sons in law and 9 grandchildren. She finds inspiration in her family life, service at church and nursing career. She lives in Harare with her husband, Kingstone.


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