Love and Marriage – Bruce & Carol Britten


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Love & Marriage – Questions Young People Ask – Bruce & Carol Britten

Questions Young People Ask

  • Always I think about her legs … her body
  • I’m 17, but my breasts are still small.
  • Sometimes I have sexy dreams.
  • Our teacher told us “Use condoms.”
  • I found my boyfriend kissing her.
  • How can I make her love me?
  • I fear I will be single all my life.
  • We want to remain virgins until marriage.
  • How can I avoid AIDS?
  • Should I practice sex before I marry?
  • Will my sperm become weak?
  • I killed my baby, I wish I were dead.
  • That girl gave me a sex-disease.
  • Help! I think I am pregnant.
  • I don’t want her. She has his child.
  • Can God forgive me for my sex sins?
  • Will I succeed in leaving sexual sin?

Young people in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe have found in this book the keys to love and joy.


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