Thriving as a Stepmother – Barbra Nyangairi


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There can be nothing quite as daunting as becoming a step-parent. Moreso, for women who have to face the negative stereotypes associated with the "wicked stepmother" narrative so deeply entrenched in culture and folklore. Yet more women find themselves stepping into this role in our modern society due to high divorce and remarriage rates.
This book explores how women can equip themselves for success and thrive in the role of a stepmother by providing solid, tried and tested principles gathered from a rich and diverse study in building successful blended families.
Examining the multiple approaches to blending, managing complex multi-level family bonds, and challenging dilemmas that inevitably arise which are unique to a blended family, this book offers candid insights from an African perspective. Whether you're contemplating marriage in a blended family scenario or already grappling with the blended family dynamic, this book is a must read.


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