Biblical Chrisitanity in African Perspective – Wilbur O’Donovan


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Biblical Christianity in African Perspective - Wilbur O’Donovan

About the Book:

Biblical Christianity in African Perspective is a survey of the major truths of the Christian faith as seen from the perspective of the African world view. The book addresses the major tenets of the Christian faith together with some of the most important moral and spiritual issues of African Life. Unlike most theology books, this book has been purposely written in readable everyday language, including many true African stories. The book was written by a person with 50 years of study in the Word of God, who has spent over 40 years of those years relating the Bible to African life and issues. It is the result of five years of graduate research and evaluation in consultation with more than 300 African theological students and faculty in various schools.

About the Author:

Wilbur O’Donovan Jr holds the B.A.E. degree from Cornell University, and the M.A. and D.Min. degrees from Columbia International University. He has been a missionary in West Africa and East Africa for over 30 years. During those years, Dr. O’Donovan has been a faculty member of more than 10 different theological and missionary training schools. He was the founder and first principal of the Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Institute under the Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship. He and his wife, Esther, have two children.

What African Theologians say about this book…

“This book is an attempt at relating Biblical Christianity to the African context. It has succeeded in bringing to focus how the Bible addresses the African world view. Its strengths lie in its simplicity of language, clarity of presentation and focus on integration of biblical truths and African world view. The results of which, it is hoped, will define a new Christian world view in an African context.”

Dr Yusufu Turaki, Theological Education Secretary of ECWA and past president of ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Nigeria.


“The experience Bill O’Donovan has gained during his many years with African Christian students has given him a great understanding of the struggles they face in applying doctrinal issues to their cultural context. Written in everyday language, this book will sharpen a student’s understanding of the issues, both doctrinal and practical, that face African Christians today.”

Dr. Haruun Ruun, Secretary General of the New Sudan Council of Churches and former President and Secretary General of the Sudan Interior Church.

“This book is unique among the books I have read on the subject. It is pictorial, simple and precisely to the point. It is easy to read and understandable, both for the ‘giraffes’ and the ‘dick-dicks’ (terms coined to describe the scholarly and the popular). I therefore recommend it as an additional textbook for theological institutions in Africa and for the neighbourhood, irrespective of academic levels, as it is not intended to support controversy but to strengthen Christians.”

Dr. Titus M. Kivunzi, former Principal, Scott Theological College, Kenya


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